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October 31, 2017

They say that on the darkest nights she comes out of the forest.

Cloaked in mystery with blood red hair and a crown of ash, she emerges from the shadows of the gnarled trees and walks towards the village. Is she an evil queen? A banshee? A witch they couldn’t burn? No one could say for certain, but on those nights the wind always blew colder and stray cats would yowl to the moonless sky.

We crafted our new Halloween inspired items in the glorious image of this character. Cold, calculated and utterly divine, the idea of a dark queen evoked in us images of spider webs, flowing black fabric and twisted metal accessories. With Halloween on the horizon, October 31st was the ideal launch date. We were extra excited to launch this collection because we managed to perfect two new technologies in our jewellery department: chemical brass blackening and enamelling!

The Full Spider Web Collection

The core of this outfit is the Spider Web Coat, based on one of our bestselling items, The Blackbird Coat. This iconic coat has deep sleeves, a high collar and a floor length profile, making it delightfully gothic. It is suitable as a costume piece, but is also very popular as streetwear among our more alternative customers! With the Spiderweb Collection, though, we wanted to add a bit more and make it a bit more “extra”. Hand embroidered spider web designs snake their way up the sleeves and along the bottom of the coat, beautifully stitched into the wool with silver thread. We also included another one of our favorite aspects of gothic design – a sharp, contrasting lining. There’s something inherently evil about black and red together (perhaps it goes back to the black widow spider!), and one can’t deny how visually striking it is.

Spider Web Coat Spider Web Coat

The coat itself does up with a series of hidden clasps, from the high neck all the way down the floor. One unique thing we’ve added to the coat in our redesign are additional invisible loops. These allow the wearer to choose if they’d like to leave the bodice part plain, or if they’d like to optionally accessories with our new set of spider brooches. The three brooches can easily be securely attached to add a little bit of extra gothic glamour that’s sure to turn heads.

We’re very excited about the new technologies found in our jewellery. Chemical shading has allowed us to get the gorgeous darkened tone on the brass, giving all of our new jewellery an extra gothic twist. We adore the amount of depth it gives our brass, and couldn’t have hoped for a better result! It looks especially stunning next to our new red enamelling. We have been working on enamel jewellery for a while, and were very pleased with the result we managed to get with the Spider Web Collection. We used it only a little bit – you’ll spot it at the top of the crown, or on some of the spiders – but it’s enough to have a huge impact!

Spider Web Round Spherical Bag

You can see the beautiful complexity in the brass and the enamelling on the spider in the centre of the bag. After the success of our Alchemist’s Daughter bag, we decided to use similar technology to create this excellent little accessory. Made to be a perfectly spherical shape, it’s the right size for lipstick, potion bottles, and other small things.

Night Bat Crown A Close up of the Night Bat Crown Night Bat Crown

We love the shape of the "Night Bat" Crown. We used a shape similar to that of a bat’s wing to design a headpiece suitable of a dark queen. The laser cut design evokes images of spider webs, skeletons, and a bird to create a complicated piece of imagery that is undeniably eye grabbing. Small bits of enamel complement the design and add a little touch of glamour which allows light to pass through I We make this crown custom sizes, you it’ll always look glorious on your head and fit perfectly.

Spider Web Rings and other Accessories Spider Web Bag

We know you’ll love this new set as much as we do! Halloween is a great time of year, and through beautiful clothing and trendy accessories, we think we can bring more Halloween into everyday life. We hope that everyone is inspired and has a fun time creating the new, exciting, powerful characters that might wear this clothing.

To view our whole Halloween inspired collection, “Moonless Night”, click here!

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