Medieval Armor Belt “Vortex”

Leather belt with etched steel accents

Standard shipping: $26
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping: $41 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 28-35 Days

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Michael Rybarczyk
20 of November 2016

What would be the cost of this belt 72 inches long be?

ArmStreet team

Making the belt 72 in long will cost $45.00 extra. If that works for you, please mention the desired length in the comments to your order and once we receive it, we`ll send you a PayPal
invoice for the extra.

Wayne Hay
03 of July 2015

Hi Guys, I love this belt (medieval-armor-belt-with-etched-steel-accents-1) but is there an option to get one made with a buckle (like handmade-leather-belt-with-steel-etching-accents)? Thanks and regards, Wayne Hay

ArmStreet team
03 of July 2015

Can be made with such buckle, no problems. Simply add a comment to your order.

elisse burke
24 of May 2015

hello, I'm looking at getting clasps for an existing vest. As I'm planning on purchasing this belt I was wondering if you could make clasps using this or a similar design, and if so what the cost and wait time would be. Thanks, Elisse

ArmStreet team
24 of May 2015

We have no clasps of the similar design, sorry. You may supplement this belt with clasps that can be made in silver color:

Samuel Montgomery
20 of January 2015

Quite lovely and well-made. Thank-you very much.

John Bugg
21 of August 2013

Can I get this belt 60 inches long please.


Yes, for $25 extra. Simply add a comment to your order.

Elmer Gonzalez
20 of January 2001

Thank you guys so much, the belt is just right. And on time :)

ArmStreet team

Great, thank you, Elmer!

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