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Cuirass “The King's Guard”

Western plate armor cuirass, late 14th c

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Inscriptions on the cuirass

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04 of January 2022

I recently bought this cuirass and let me tell you, it is by far the best I have ever seen and worn in my life of owning and wearing armour. The size is perfect, they made it after my measurements precisely. The shape of the cuirass is exactly like it should be, it is very curved by the lower half, just like you see on historical examples. This means that you can breath in and out without your chest touching the breastplate, and any strikes that hit you won't cause the breastplate to hit your ribcage. It feels lightweight, and when it rests on your natural waist, it feels almost weightless as it does not rest on your shoulders. The plates by the armpits have enough room for me to move my arms towards each other and across my chest, so much that I can fully extend my arms and still put my hands together. I really could not be more happy than I am with this product, it is a work of art both in function and aesthetic. I highly recommend the fauld that goes with this set, as it complements the breastplate perfectly.

29 of October 2018

Review time, is it pretty, very. Will it protect you, very well, for the SCA you won't find something that protects you this well is at light as it is. SCA legality, its completely legal. So if you want to drop some money on a very good, very pretty, over all light body armor you have found the right one.

ArmStreet Team

Thank you, Tristan, for your feedback! 

Robin Perkins
01 of January 2010

Most Excellent Quality Armor! Plan to do Buisness again soon. Ukrainians ROCK!!!

Tony Moreno
01 of January 2010

Excellent armor of a high quality. Leather straps in good condition.

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19 of April 2023

Are you able to have the etching just on the plate but not the brass borders?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of couse, please simply leave this comment to your order at the checkout. 

30 of October 2019

How much does this cuirass weigh?

ArmStreet team

Hi Jonathan! It weights about 7 kg.

16 of September 2019

Does this also have the leather straps that connect to the pauldrons or is that the fauld?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Daryl, yes there are leather straps for pauldrons, they are shown on the pictures. 

17 of July 2019

I was curious if this could be made out of mild steel and blackened to match the wayward knight set?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Robert, yes it can be made in mild steel and blackened but there will be no etching on such cuirass, unfortunately. 

05 of September 2018

How much does this armor weigh?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tristan! This cuirass weights 8 kg. 

Frankie Wang
18 of July 2016

Is it possible to make the width around the armpit more "narrower"? I have a really small chest 34", and will probably become 38 or 40" with gambeson.

ArmStreet team

Please, do not worry, we`ll make the cuirass according to your measurements :-) Please note, that the measurements are needed to be taken over a gambeson.

11 of July 2015

is it possible to just order the chest plate without the etching and gold trimming?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Robert, yes it is possible. 

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