Knight Pauldrons “King's Guard”

Lombardy medieval spaulder, late 14th c.

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Pauldrons features
Inscriptions on the pauldrons

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17 of July 2019

Hi again, Is it possible to have something etched into the central blank space such as a logo or symbol?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jonathan, yes it is possible for the extra cost. Please contact our support team with the picture of the design in question. 

04 of June 2019

How much do they weigh?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jonathan, the weight is 3 kg. 

10 of April 2018

Is the price listed for a pair of pauldrons?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, it is a price for a pair. 

Corey Brockway
28 of February 2018

Can you get these without brass?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Corey, yes it is possible. 

Ben Scullion
18 of January 2016

Is it possible to get a custom inscription on them?

ArmStreet team

Yes, custom etching is possible, please send the inscription to and specify on which plate/plates it should be placed. Price depends on the length of the inscription. Then we'll be able to estimate the price and processing time.

Tom Daigon
05 of September 2015

Can these be bought without inscriptions?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the armor can be made without the inscriptions, simply add a comment to your order.

Tom Daigon
05 of September 2015

Which gorgets would work with these?

ArmStreet team

These pauldrons intended to be worn with the Houndskull bascinet, which has a maille aventail that protects the neck and upper shoulders. Also the pauldrons can be worn with the Paladin gorget from this set, or the Paladin gorget with neck protection.

14 of June 2015

Would it be possible to get a quote for these without the lames? Just the top spaulders?

ArmStreet team

Just the top spaulders will cost $85 less. To order them separately, please email us at

Erik Stredney
31 of May 2015

Western Knight's Pauldrons "The King's Gaurd". How much would they be without the etching on the brass. Etching only on the stainless steel?

ArmStreet team

About 5% off, please email us at to get the discount.

26 of January 2015

Would the manufacture even consider making a custom order collared gorget in this style ?

ArmStreet team

There are difficulties in development of a convenient gorget for 9-segments breastplate. We are open to your suggestions, please send photos/sketches to

Gwen Lang
13 of December 2014

Two questions, one, do these pauldrons require something to connect to, or can they be worn standalone? Two, this armor only asks for the chest measurement, for women, is this the underbust, or the bust (chest)?

ArmStreet team

The pauldrons should be attached to the shoulders on your padding/clothing with the laces sewn to the garment, as here. You can sew on a pair of laces on each shoulder of your clothes (to make the "arming points").

Chest - chest circumference measured along bust at widest point through the nipples.

When ordering armor for women, please mention this in the comments to your order (some details need to be slightly modified for better fitting).

David Baca
09 of November 2014

If this also had a matching Gorget I would order it in a heart beat

David Garbowski
27 of April 2014

You don't happen to have a Spanish Collar style of gorget to go with these pauldrons in the works by any chance?

ArmStreet team

There is no such gorget, all gorgets which are available for order are listed here.

Matt Sandoval
19 of January 2001

WOW! Its the most beautiful armor i ever seen! So more details and great view!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Matt!

Kurt Erickson
19 of January 2001

I think it is worthy of the King! I think in this armor i'll be like real knight!

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