Arm Armor “The King's Guard”

Medieval western plate arms, combat gear

Standard shipping: $49
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping: $72 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 18-21 Days

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Connor Pierce
11 of August 2019

Yo, the look I'm trying to build is fairly asymmetrical and I was wondering if it's possible to just order the left arm at a lower price or if they have to be purchased as a pair

ArmStreet Team

Hi Connor, yes of course, we can sell only one arm via personal invoice. Please contact our support team for assistance.

22 of November 2018

Does this price connect to a gambeson or another part of the armor set?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Eric, yes, these armor arms should be attached to the gambeson. 

22 of August 2018

Hey can you guys do blueing to the steel?


Hi Kris! Yes, it is possible, but on mild steel only. Stainless steel cannot be blackened, unfortunately.

07 of June 2015

What is the price difference with etching at all on this set of arm armoir?

ArmStreet team

When ordering armour without etching, you'll save 15% of initial price. To get the discount, please email us at

07 of April 2014

Hi there. Im a big fan of your products and am looking to put a full suit of armour together once I've saved the money and was wondering if it would be possible to put a choice of currency on your site so I can price it up more easily?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Phil, all prices are indicated in USD. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add a choice of currency for now, sorry. 

Nathaniel Sylvain
04 of February 2014

Hello Armstreet , i just took a look at you western arm and shoulder kit in stainless and they are just AMAZING ! i want to know a few thing about it 1. Is the price below for 2 ? (i mean the pair) 2. how much delay it can take to get them ? thank you in advance for your answer :)

ArmStreet Team

Hi Nathaniel, yes the price is for a pair. Manufacturing and shipping time is indicated in each listing description. 

Norman Elliott
26 of January 2014

WOW! Absolutely fantastic totally awesome armor. Just what we wanted.

Karl Mccormick
16 of July 2013

Beautiful craftsmanship absolutely love them, really looking forward to using them

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