Velvet Gambeson “The King's Guard”

Limited edition knight's pourpoint

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Pourpoint color

Men's sizes available

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26 of April 2019

are pants avalible to purchase that goes with the armor set? the maroon ones like the model is wearing for example

ArmStreet Team

The model is wearing woolen chausses that can be purchased here. However, maroon color is not available anymore, unfortunately. 

09 of February 2016

Is this suitable for combat? How would it be in HEMA?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Vukodlak, this one is not suitable for HEMA because it is not puncture proof, unfortunately. However, we can offer you our canvas gambeson instead. 

Mark Klimaszewski
09 of August 2015

What are the arming points on a Gambeson?

ArmStreet team

Laces sewn on a gambeson which are used to attach the armor pieces.

Mark Klimaszewski
09 of August 2015

Do you make armor sizes for those over the hill knights of much greater girth who sit by the roasting pits and meade barrels talking of past glories?

ArmStreet team

Possibly yes, please specify which armor you'd like to order and email us your measurements (full height, chest, waist, hips) at

17 of June 2015

Can this Gambeson be made of External layer: thick and durable cotton and if so what would be the cost ?

ArmStreet team

Can be made of cotton, you'll get $50 off. Please email us at to get the discount.

simone nocchi
20 of May 2015

hello, I'm intereste to Knight's Gambeson Pourpoint “The King's Guard” possible have one in different color? what do u use for padding it in? how can I send to u money wich metod do u prefare? is possible by banck accoun? thanks simone

ArmStreet team

Can be made to order in blue, red (embossed), bottle green, burgundy color. Simply switch to the Custom size tab in the description and tick the preferred color, then fill in your measurements in the order form and click Checkout.

Padding is made of cotton-based natural batting.

We mostly use PayPal; bank transfer is fine too, simply email us at

Alain St-Amour
27 of March 2015

Is this pourpoint available in larger size ?

ArmStreet team

Can be made to order in size L or XL, please check our size chart.

Stephen Saunders
04 of November 2014

Does this Pourpoint have points for attaching the armour? And if not how does one attach the Kings Guard Armour?

ArmStreet team

All our gambesons come without the arming points (supposed that it's more convenient to sew on the laces by yourself, when you've already tried wearing on the armour over your gambeson). We can add the arming points for $5-15 extra (depending on how many points you need), simply add a comment to your order.

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