Medieval Halberd Gauntlets

Gauntlets for halberd and basket sword

Standard shipping: $45
Standard shipping time:16-21 Days
Express shipping: $62 to
Express shipping time: 5-8 Days
Manufacturing time: 30-33 Days

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Comments (3)

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Freddie Flores
02 of March 2015

Wow, this was a really nice item at a great price. Will do more business!!!!!!

ArmStreet team

Thank you, Freddie! Always welcome to ArmStreet back!

Matthew Barnett
14 of January 2015

I am asking about custom sizing for Metal Gauntlets for Medieval Halberd and Basket Sword. The individual is female with small hands. Are you able to properly re-size your pattern and gloves size based on your required measurements table? I find manufacturers have difficulty in adjusting their patterns for smaller size. I have not been completely happy with other products ordered from you, so I want to know if this order is something you are willing to make a good effort on. Please confirm. Thank you

ArmStreet team

Can be made for small hands. Please mention that gauntlets are for a woman in a comment to your order.

Luke Tran
17 of May 2009

Nice photos! The armor is amazing and can't wait for salary=)

ArmStreet team