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Viking Helmet “Gjermundbu”

Authentic combat helmet, 8-9th cc.

Not available

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

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12 of October 2017

Ok, I bought it about 6 months ago, and I'm really glad I bought it, but i have few concerns, and I think it'd be good for eveeryone to know them :) First of all, please excuse my mistakes, english is not my native language. I choosed this helmet with 2mm thick steel, full around ventail, padding and SCA protection. I use it during classical 1v1 BoN combat style, and i'm not a gentle fighter. Pro: - It's beautiful. Even with the SCA on. If you need to see how it looks like: https://tof.cx/images/2017/10/12/639237e027fa171368c4f6a272f1d4c4.jpg - The FOV you have in this... This is amazing. The bars are not a problem at all, you see everything well. - It durable. I've taken hard hits (like a full force axe on the head), it's still there and still ready for a fight! (even if the axe impact left a deep mark...) - You feel nothing in this. I mean, you know something did actually hit you, but that's it. No "bell effect", no "Oh the hospital will see me again" (And i've had my head open after a fight, so this means a lot to me) - The SCA is impressively built. No doubt on the effectiveness of it. - Everybody will notice you when you come in the battlefield with this bad boy on your head. Cons: - The aventail is too short. For the price, I'd have liked a aventail going on my shoulders. - Riveted mail would be good for the aventail. The ones I have are going off like crazy, and I'm forced to make my own camail with riveted flat mail. - the straps are not fixed in a correct position. I mean, when you have the helmet on your head, it's REALLY difficult to attach it. The straps are mounted BEFORE the SCA protection, so it's too short, you can't catch them easily and you'll find A LOT of time trying to find the buckle, and after that, attaching it. I worked around by attaching it before, and slide them in front of the helmet, put my head in it, and swipe back them. It's not really effective. - If you have a big nose, you'll have it crushed. There is padding everywhere, from the bottom of you neck to your forehead, but because there is nothing on your cheeks or between your eyes, your nose will be pushed against the front of the helmet. - The bars protecting the eyes are good, but a sword can pierce trough it. Maybe a "Chicken-fence" like method would be good, using really thin and resistant material, to make sure nothing comes in, but with good visibility. - There is no holes on the SCA plates to make sure you can breathe. As a human who likes to breath a lot, it made me cry. I had to drill holes in it, to make sure I was able to enjoy my favorite past time right after hitting people with steel weapons. I am happy with this product, and I encourage you to take it. But please armstreet, take in consideration my remarks, because even if it's a good product, it'd be perfect with all these problems solved. I think one day I'll sell it to buy the Valsgarde one, if you are able to correct this ;)


Thank you very much for such an honest review, we really appreciate it!

Update: thanks to your comments and feedbacks from you and other customers we upgraded the design, replaces the aventail with riveted one and made some small but important changes. New photos are coming soon, you can see our new version on the video right now. Thank you!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Gael sonnet
04 of November 2016

Hi , i wanted to know if the Gjermundbu helmet upgrade in SCA legal can be use for M1 or Behourd ( medieval full contact ). Thanks for the answer

ArmStreet team

This helmet with SCA hidden protection meets all BotN standardsarmor requirements of the IMCF league and SCA heavy fighting.
We have to warn that local marshals/team captains/individual judges on various festivals and events sometimes tend to amend the rules. Therefore, we recommend learning the armor requirements of the event which you're going to attend in advance. No claim will be admitted in case of failure to participate in the competition due to the mismatch of the armor any rules.

Sebastian Goriesky
06 of September 2016

If I got the SCA hidden protection would I have to pay extra for an all around aventail?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the SCA hidden protection is $50.00 extra and the full-round aventail is $50.00 extra. So, you`ll need to pay $100.00 extra. If it works for you, please mention it in the comments to your order.

12 of April 2016

How would I add the SCA hidden protection to the order?

ArmStreet Team

Please simply leave this request in the comment to your order. 

Natasja Rose
10 of December 2015

Would I be able to order this customised for SCA combat archery?

ArmStreet team

For SCA you can order this helm with full SCA hidden protection (front, side and back hidden plates) for $50 extra. You can learn more about our SCA-adjusted helmets. Also it can be made with the inner bargrill on the sides and in front of the helmet for $100 extra.

06 of September 2015

Hi, is it possible to modify this to take the chainmail and the chin guard off, and the spike off. Just have the basics with a tie up strap? I don't want it too heavy while I'm leaning. K

ArmStreet team

Yes, the helm can be made without the chainmail, chin guard and without the spike off. Please add a comment to your order.

William Boone
04 of September 2014

Does the sca upgrade include protective grill under the ocular?

ArmStreet team

We don't make grills under the oculars.
SCA-grade internal hidden protection looks like additional steel plates inside of the helmet.

Now you can learn more about our SCA-adjusted helmets!

29 of March 2014

can the "Gjermundbu" Viking Combat Helmet be customized with SCA regulation bar grill hidden underneath the aventail to protect face, and neck and have a horizontal bar welded across the eye holes for legal SCA heavy fighting use?

ArmStreet team

SCA bar grill can be added to bascinet type helmets only.
Most of the Eastern/Slavic/Vikings and Normans helmets can be SCA-adjusted in other ways which won't destroy the whole image, turning the "eastern barbarian" into a hockey-player. We offer to make a full round aventail with full SCA-grade hidden protection (front, side and back hidden plates).
This helmet adapted for SCA have eye openings smaller than 1" (25 mm) apart.  This is enough for SCA heavy fighting.

08 of January 2014

Do you have any steel that is thicker than 14 gauge? If so what gauge would it be

ArmStreet team

Nope, we don't use steel thicker than 14 ga (2 mm).

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