Valsgarde Viking Helmet

Leather-covered helm with full aventail

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Micah Beem
25 of August 2019

Can this be made to meet SCA standards?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Micah, yes it can be made with hidden protection and vertical bars on the eyeslits to meet SCA requirements. 

David May
06 of May 2019

Out of curiosity, would it be possible to add either a steel mesh or perforated steel to the eyes? (I understand this would increase the price if it were possible

ArmStreet Team

Hi David, yes of course, we can add either vertical bars or perforated plates on the eyeslits. 

Steven J Kelly
11 of July 2018

Can this be made with a stainless ocular piece instead of the brass?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Steven! Yes, it is possible. 

AJ Lee
13 of January 2018

Can this come with no leather cover?

ArmStreet Team

Hello! Yes, please check this helm without leather here

28 of November 2017

Is it possible to have it 2,5mm thick everywhere, with a longer camail, and a steel grid instead of bars?

ArmStreet Team

Hi! Yes, everything is possible for the extra charge. Please contact our support team for the estimated price. 

Alexander Feuerherdt
16 of August 2017

Dear Armstreet team, I have a question about the Viking Combat Helmet with leather and etched brass exterior. On the pictures, it looks like there is a fairly amount of space between the helmets mask and the owners face. Is it possible to wear glasses under the helmet? Thanks in advance and with best regards, Alex

ArmStreet Team

Hi Alexander! We can take into account that you wear glasses and make a custom size helmet for you. Please simply contact our support team for further details. 

james wild
05 of May 2017

i was wondering exactly what the SCA protection offers, i am hoping to purchase one for LARP use but i am not sure why i should choose the SCA option, could you please explain to me in greater detail what it is and if you have photographs, that would be greately appreaciated.

ArmStreet Team

Hi James! SCA protection includes vertical bars on the eye slits and neck protection, which is hidden under the aventail. 

juan cantu
17 of August 2015

Can you make the helmet so I can remove the SCA protection the plates and the eye bars for ren fair use and put it back for SCA use maybe some screw on rivets

ArmStreet team

SCA protection plates and the eye bars cannot be made removable, sorry.

09 of June 2015

Does the helm come with padding and war gauges are the see used also is it stainless ?

ArmStreet team

Padding cap is included. Top of the helm (covered with leather) is made of 14 ga stainless steel, carcass - 16 ga stainless, front mask - 16 ga brass.

08 of June 2015

Would you by any chance have images of one with the SCA protection installed. I would be looking to use it for a HEMA helmet so I have some concerns with the eye Pro. Since we often have narrower blades. Thanks for any help.

ArmStreet team

We have no such photos, sorry. Please email your requirements to the eyeslits at, maybe we can help.

10 of May 2015

Does this come with the aventail? If so, is the chain riveted,welded, or butted?

ArmStreet team

Yes, the aventail is included. It's made of butted chain mail.

14 of April 2015

To confirm, the SCA protection on the eyeslits goes up and down (vertical), not side to side (horizontal)?

ArmStreet team

Yes, SCA protection on the eyeslits consists of two vertical bars, which go up and down.

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