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Viking Leather Body Armour

Viking Age armour vest stylization

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Hans-Bodo Kraemer
03 of January 2022

Dear dwarves and elves, you have exceeded all my expectations with this leather armor. The workmanship and materials are of the highest standard and when you put everything on, you feel like you've been taken back to another era. It all feels so real and authentic. I can only say one thing, thank you. I look forward to the next meeting of the Vikings Hans-Bodo.

07 of September 2016

Excellent piece, will be wearing it often with my gear

Kirk Lund
15 of August 2015

Beautiful and sturdy with excellent materials as well as workmanship.

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Valerie Ernstberger
20 of February 2017

What is the weight on this piece?

ArmStreet team

The armour piece weighs 3.6 kg.

07 of February 2017

Is this acceptable torso armor for SCA heavy combat?

ArmStreet team

As far as we know, SCA requires metal body protection only, and this one is made of leather with no metal except the rivets.
Please check our Brigandine Body Armor “Knight of Fortune”, that one may have a similar look and is SCA legal.

Ernie B
20 of April 2016

Is there a way to attach a frog for sword sheath or viking bag as shown in the photo?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ernie! The bag is attached to the belt so the frog can be attached too. Unfortunately, it is not possible to attach them to the body armour. 

andrew leabourne
21 of May 2015

The viking leather armour, how thick is the leather 3mm,4mm

ArmStreet team

The leather is 4 mm thick.

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