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Stainless Viking Helmet

Etched helm with half aventail

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25 of November 2021

The helmet is of an excellent quality. The comfort of wear is also very good. A little tip for spectacle wearers: order 1 to 2 sizes larger. I have had this experience. Unfortunately, I ordered in origenal size and now I have difficulties with my glasses. Hans-Bodo

Richard Hackford
30 of January 2020

The craftsmanship on this helmet is insane! It is sturdy and completely ready for combat, and the detail is truly a work of art. My only complaint is the helm is *very* deep and I’m currently stuffing it with over an inch of padding just to make the eye slits align with my eyes.

Nathan Garlick
08 of August 2017

This helmet is absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is truly incredible. By far one of the best pieces in my collection now. Thank you all so much. I will definitely be getting more pieces from Armstreet in the future.

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18 of February 2018

This is a shot in the dark here, but do you have any of these helms already made, from a return or something? I work a festival circuit and the helmet we have been using just isn't cutting it. My boss is going to be buying a new one for me to use, but we have little time before we open. If you don't, I completely understand. Beautiful helm, y'all.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Araris, yes of course. In stock helms are marked with green sign "In Stock". Plus, we have a sepatate section called "Closeouts" where you may find returned products, some of them are brand new. 

Adam Lewis
22 of October 2017

Looking at the stainless viking helm in 16 gauge. Is it possible to go full aventail with the SCA protection?


Hi Adam! Yes, it is possible

Northern Shield
25 of September 2017

Hi, Armstreet team! Wich medieval armor fits best with this helmet? I know its an odd question, but the vikings are my ancestors and I like knights too. So why not mearge them together? I want your opinion on what this helmet fits with that is not viking related.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Northern, this helmet can be worn with any armor suit you like. You may check them all here.

22 of September 2017

Could this helmet be made of 12 gauge mild steel instead? if so, how much? Thank you for your time.


Hi Braedon! Yes, it is possible. Please contact our support team for the price

23 of July 2017

Is it possible to change all the etchings to wolf designs like the viking leather bag?


Hi Eli! Yes, custom design is possible. Please contact our support team for the price

Andrew Dockrill
10 of September 2016

If I were to order a viking helmet before the week is out, would it possible to have it arrive before Christmas as it would be a gift.

ArmStreet team

Manufacturing of the helmet takes 42-49 days, so if you order the helmet this week, it should be ready by the beginning of November. Shipping normally takes 16-21 days, so the helmet will surely arrive before Christmas.

21 of December 2015

hi i had a question regarding Viking Combat Helmet Etched Leather Exterior Source: https://armstreet.com/store/armor/viking-combat-helmet-etched-leather-exterior is the design of the edging truly historically accurate? mainly that on the face mask (the dragons)

ArmStreet team

This is Viking-style pattern, you can learn more about the patterns in our post Viking The Viking Ornaments: Six Major Stiles. For our Vikings and Shieldmaiden collections we mostly chose the Urnes style as a source of inspiration.

Nathan Kroger
11 of December 2015

What size rivets are used? I have some adjustments I need to make which will include removing some of the rivets and replacing them and I would like to find out what size rivets I should get for replacement.

ArmStreet team

Shaft diameter of the rivets is 4 mm.

11 of November 2015

Can it have the leather gorget attached at the bottom?

ArmStreet team

This helmet cannot be made with attached leather gorget, sorry.

Max Du Boise
03 of May 2015

Is it possible to get the brass mask instead, and if so, what would the cost difference be?

ArmStreet team

Can be made with two-layer mask (as here - Viking Combat Helmet Etched Leather Exterior, upper mask layer is made of brass.). Single-layer brass mask will not be strong enough. Such modification costs $40 extra.

Jim Lovelace
09 of February 2015

do you have a picture of the SCA version of the viking helm before the maille is added?

ArmStreet team

SCA-grade internal hidden protection looks like additional steel plates inside of the helmet, please see how it looks here.

14 of November 2014

Do you have any photos of this helm with the SCA protection?

ArmStreet team

Interior of the helmet with SCA protection (and full-round maille) looks as shown here.

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