News - 10 Reasons to Throw a Medieval Wedding

April 30, 2017

1. Romance. How can you live without it on such a day? Just imagine: light breeze waves the silk of her veil, the endless hem of the dress rustles down the stone steps of the ancient castle… She holds her hand out for him for a kiss, allowing to rise from his knee, and he throws down the visor of his shining helmet, piercing her with the hot gaze of loving eyes. Since now you two are inseparable, like the golden sun and the azure sky above, like Tristan and Isolde, like Siegfried and Brynhildr, as a noble knight, who saved his princess. Even if there was no dragon. From now on and forever — a fairy tale in real life.

Medieval Wedding Dress “Isolde”Medieval Wedding Dress “Isolde”

2. Offbeat. Weddings are banal. All weddings are alike, and the “wow” effect is essential to make yours remembered. Themed party is an excellent excuse to distinguish yourself from the crowd of snow-white brides, showing originality and creativity. Surprise the guests, inviting them to celebrate your momentous day in an ancient chateau, dressed royally instead of done to death skin-tight evening garments, relieve maids from the high-heel race, and let your parents booze for a while on this special day. Even lone luting minstrel makes a wedding standing out of the pack, not to mention medieval music, exciting archery competitions, jousting and foot battles of fully armored knights with decorative weapons. Turn the 'flavorful holiday' into a day that will go down in history!

“Knight of the West” Tunic“Knight of the West” Tunic

3. Beauty. Costume wedding may be considered a “nerdy” pursuit, but we call upon all to agree the beauty is a better word for it. To fulfill the dream, one can buy Middle Ages clothing for newlywed and separate pieces for the invitees. Floor-length and long sleeved medieval bride's dress distinguishes by luxuriance and smoothness of the lines. Elegant materials, an abundance of hand embroidery, loose hair and natural makeup will bring the image in accordance with the aesthetics of the epoch. To achieve harmony in the groom's attire, opt for saturated, deep shades, elongated lines and rich decor. Medieval style includes dresses for bridesmaids and costumes for best men, which can be complemented with period accessories to match the primary color scheme. Making such an investment in your future, you're building a deep, abiding love that has the potential to last a lifetime.

Outfits by ArmStreet

4. Traditions. On the surface, there might be a wrong belief that if the classic customs and/or religious rituals are important to you, the themed wedding is not your case. But ponder when did they come into being, and you'll see it's all about the Middle Ages. Iconic rites remain sought-after and can not be more organically fit into the ceremony as when it's medievally styled. Whether it's a church wedding, dictated by the couple's religious practices, or pledging marriage vows and throwing uncooked rice, motivated by the natural desire to make this day exactly as you've always dreamed of. Medieval ceremony is a perfect way to stay stable and secure among traditionally-minded old folks, but not to dissolve in a sequence of equally white weddings.

Noble Exclusive Handmade CrownNoble Exclusive Handmade Crown

5. Affordability. Fewer than all are millionaires, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, but we're deadly sure money should not become an obstacle on your road to happiness. A medieval wedding may well be budgetary because it doesn't require any massive expenditures, that will eat deeply into your savings. Those are lucky who can afford a maximum dipping into the epoch by means of a fancy-dress ball and carriages to bring the guests in the bargain, but huge expenses aren't necessary. Middle Ages theme can be fully maintained only by the tandem's efforts with a slight hint of the era and without total theatrical costuming.

Viking style WeddingViking style outfits

6. Fun. Medieval feast, music, and dancing speak for itself! Let each new guest be entitled as dukes and earls by the royal herald, and then plunged into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. At the carnival wedding, your invitees are kept amused from the start till the complete exhaustion with revelry, theatrical performances, knight tournament, fortune telling, shows of magicians, jugglers and jesters, bright colors, laughter. The groom-prince goes through a series of fantastic endurances to find and release his princess. Of course, everything ends well, as it always happens in fairy tales, and a fabulous medieval dinner crowns the party, taking you to the top of gastronomic satisfaction.

Wedding accessories by ArmStreetWedding accessories: earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, circlets.

7. Freedom. The magical atmosphere gives a huge field for maneuver. Finally you can go beyond and organize the things as you want them to be. Tired of pathos restaurants? Arrange a medieval tavern in the backyard, enjoying the fresh air in style. Wanna replace champagne with beer, and cake — with spicey bbq? Crusaders would appreciate your choice! For those, who are scared the pricey decorations, handmade will do. Bored of the pastel colors — make several bright banners and your own family coat of arms. Avoiding bright makeup and sun-tan? Excellent, none of medieval ladies need those fakes. Feeling embarrassed on the dance floor — you gonna be a star of the most popular medieval dances, well both two of them actually, circle and chain dance! Customize everything to your wishes on this magnificent day.

Medieval Franks GarbMedieval Franks Garb (photo by Ears & Noses Photography)

8. Photos. Let's face the truth — most wedding pictures range from the flat to the trite. None of us is interested in looking at the cousin aunt's wedding pics for the hundredth time, as all these unnatural postures, strained smiles are boring to death. Go for medieval wedding if your aesthetic sensitivity is something higher, if you're tired of standard poses and “unforgettable pictures for the rest of your life”, if you want to do things differently. Let the photographer be only a quiet observer of your happiness, transforming it in subtle images, or go crazy and play on contrasts, letting the queen get an awesome selfie!

Medieval crowns and circlets by ArmStreetCrown for the Queen of the Day

9. Unity. Deciding on a themed wedding, the newlyweds are often afraid to face misunderstandings of the guests, since few of them are familiar with Roaring Twenties or your favorite comics. The better is historical wedding, as the subject is understandable to all invitees and any schoolboy would have a general idea of the Middle Ages, thus the whole company feels involved in the party atmosphere. Stand the fact that your friends, relatives, and even more business partners may not share your tender love for zombies, Gothic beauty or disco music, but we bet romantic though adventurous medieval world unites such different people of all ages and professions.

Costumes for medieval weddingMedieval costumes for guests and heroes of the fete

10. So you know why medieval weddings are actually the best. Now a kiss! Long live the King and the Queen!

Exclusive cloaks by ArmStreetExclusive cloaks by ArmStreet

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