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April 18, 2017

Deals for products from the 6 most popular collections

We know exactly what's in your preseason wishlists: items from these six collections always enjoy huge popularity:

“Labyrinth” collection “Viking” collection “Shieldmaiden” collection “The King's Guard” collection “Archeress” collection “Knight of the West” collection

This short-term offer works toward your trunks and chests accession in the run-up to the 2017 season medieval events. Have you conducted an audit of your belongings already? Do you think some parts of your armour need a new shiny replacement? Or do you want to add fresh new colours to your period wardrobe? (Of course you do! We ourselves yield to temptation and refresh our personal reserves with few more pieces of new clothing before every single Pennsic.) So, let us guide you through the complete list of choices.

Recently added but already appreciated at its true value, mystic “Labyrinth” collection is full of diverse accessories imbued with ancient spirits. And for the first time ever we offer the “one of a kind” limited item – gray cape with the unique rune embroidered manually.

“Labyrinth” collection

Commenced with intention to create a couple of simple tunics, the Viking collection became the most multitudinous set of thematically interrelated and complimentary ornated articles, including armour, clothing, accessories, armoury, shoes and even a tent!

Viking collection

As Vikings stop at nothing, the same occurred with designing things in this style: Shieldmaiden collection delivers armour, clothing, accessories, armoury and shoes for ladies. The tent is quite unisex though.

“Shieldmaiden” collection

“The King's Guard” is our top notch armour collection for those who grew out of just an armour. Of course, when you enter on a career of a stalwart knight you care for functionality and reliability of your first armour kit. But now, now you are ready to add to these qualities the splendor conforming to the level of your glory and deeds!

“The King's Guard” collection

The next two collections are our best-sellers for several years already. Worn separately or combined in different costumes, “Archeress” chemise, dress and corset provides you with range of looks, starting from the modest simplicity and up to the layered stylish garb, accompanied by matching accessories.

“Archeress” collection

Fantasy “Knight of the West” collection covers basic noble man needs: tunic decorated with brocade for feasts and woolen cape for chilly night promenades. The matching range of accessories and archery gears is made of nicely etched brass or stainless steel with natural leather.

“Knight of the West” collection

And the icing on the cake: 5 days only free regular shipping on footwear. An excellent opportunity to put the final touches to your character appearance from top to toe!

Footwear by ArmStreet Footwear by ArmStreet Footwear by ArmStreet Footwear by ArmStreet Footwear by ArmStreet

5 days of free shipping on footwear

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