Pauldrons “Prince of the East”

Eastern spaulders with brass decorations

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This item is part of the “Prince of the East” collection

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This item is part of the “King of the East” collection

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09 of August 2018

Could these be used with the "King of the East" body armor?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Brandon, yes of course :)

19 of April 2015

hi i was wondering can this be for women to is that durable? including same of the prince of the east also? i love it the whole set absoutley perfect. say big hello to mikael from me great work into the craftmanship

ArmStreet team

Sure, the paulrons and the rest of the "Prince of the East" set can be made for a woman, just mention this in a comment to your order.

Fuzy Zoltan
16 of June 2014

How much is the weight of your Eastern style "Prince of the East" pauldrons? (2 pauldorns) Thank You!

ArmStreet team

About 6.6-7 lb (3-3.2 kg) approximately.

Derek Woods
20 of September 2013

Outstanding quality. Excellent workmanship. Very pleased. Favorite seller.

Roland Young
13 of June 2013

Beautiful Product!!! Thank you so much!!! Fast & professional.


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