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Medieval Cuirass “Paladin”

Medieval knight cuirass armor, 15th c.

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Main cuirass features and materials

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Jesper Jensen
01 of May 2022

Im an armstreet fanboy. Love what you do. Wish you All the best in these troublin' times.

Travis Rogers
11 of May 2013

An armour God!!! Buy from him and worship his work. You will not be disappointed.

Darren Sullivan
06 of August 2012

Bought full armor. Top value for the money. Will definitely be a repeat customer.

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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22 of January 2020

Could this armour be purchased entirely without etchings? And if so can it be put in combinations with pieces from other sets?

ArmStreet Team

Hello, sure we can make it without etching. It is compatible with most of our sets. 

20 of July 2019

Could this be worn with the "king maker" sallet and bevor?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Daniel, yes it can be made compatible if purchased together. 

25 of March 2019

Could the breastplate be done in the style of etching you do for your Full Splinted Arms Armor Kit? Already have the Pauldrons and the Full Arm Harness and would love to complete the look with a matching breastplate in the same style etching. Source: https://m.armstreet.com/store/armor/medieval-splinted-bracers-arms-elbow-cops-with-etching-3-in-1-set of

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jordan, yes is should be possible. However, to calculate the price for the customization, we need to check it with our designer first. Please contact our support team for details. 

Niyo Hollander
31 of January 2019

Can this be done without etching?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Niyo, yes it is possible. 

Corey Brockway
16 of January 2018

Hello, can you get custom etching? And how much would this cost? Do you offer it in different colors? How much could you customize this?


Corey, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com and we`ll discuss the possibilities!


06 of February 2017

Does this cuirass tailor to the waist?

ArmStreet team

The cuirass is made according to a customer`s measurements, your waist and chest measures will be considered during manufacturing.

Connor Schnurr
05 of February 2017

How much would this cuirass cost in 14 gauge?

ArmStreet team

The cuirass can be upgraded to 14 ga stainless steel for $450.00 extra. Please note that the cuirass will be much heavier then. The original cuirass (16 ga) weighs 12 kg, the cuirass made of 14 ga steel will be about at least 30% heavier.

Tommy Allen
20 of December 2015

Hello, I am interested in purchasing the following items. Paladin Etched Stainless Cuirass Breastplate (without the tassets,) Medieval Western Arms Armor Etched SCA Paladin, Etched Paladin Knight Pauldrons, Demi Gauntlets Medieval SCA Armor Paladin, and either the burgonet or an armet (with a single punched visor if a burgonet.) I'd like it all without etching and in 18guage stainless if possible, again only one visor and no tassets. Is this possible and how much would this cost approximately?

ArmStreet team

Most of our armor, except of the small overlapping plates at articulation points, such as segments below and over the knees and elbows, cannot be made of 1 mm (18 ga) steel, it's too thin for them, sorry.

05 of November 2015

Out of curiosity, what would the cost estimate be for the paladin armor cuirass without the etching and made of 18 gauge mild steel?

ArmStreet team

18 ga (1 mm) steel is too thin for this cuirass, sorry. Can be made without etching of 16 ga mild steel upon request.

07 of August 2015

Hi Team, would it be possible to get this cuirass without etching and with fluting to match your gothic set? If so, then for how much?

ArmStreet team

Can be made without etching, but cannot be made with flueting, sorry.

04 of May 2014

How much does the Paladin cuirass and tassets cost without the etching?

ArmStreet team

You'll save about 15%, please contact us at contact@armstreet.com to discuss the details.

19 of April 2014

Hello, First let me start off by saying that the armor on this site is absolutely beautiful, and the etching truly intrigues me. I'm curious to wonder how the etching is created though, IE is it etched when flattened, or prior to the armor being formed, or with laser or acid treatment? Thank you. Cheers, Alex

ArmStreet team

Etching is performed by an electrochemical method of steel oxidation.
Stencils for etching patterns are cut out with a laser.

Jonathan McCartney
12 of April 2014

How much would this be without etching and stainless? Or without etching and 16 gauge mild?

ArmStreet team

Without etching in stainless steel - 15% off.
Without etching in mild steel - price will be the same as listed
(because polishing and and processing of the mild steel to avoid rusting is labor-intensive, as much as etching).

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