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Medieval Under Armor Padding

Combat gambeson with overlapping collar

Not available

For some reasons this item is not available at the moment. Please contact our support at contact@armstreet.com for more detailed information or check these categories for similar items:

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23 of October 2020

Armstreet strikes again with amazing quality. Perfect to my measurements. I’m blown away. Fitted snugly and great mobility. Buckles are low profile and mail fits over them nicely. Very happy with the purchase!!! Thanks armstreet!

If this is a general question we may post it on the page to help other customers, otherwise we will just answer you by email

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Artem Aristov
09 of November 2019

Can you ship it in Moscow?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of course, we ship to Moscow. 

Aaron Phelps
03 of September 2019

Is there anyway you can do a white color on the outside as it's more realistic for what I'm going for? You do that I'll get that and your Norman Helmet ASAP!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Aaron, yes we can make it in white cotton for you. Please select any color available and leave a request in the comment section to make it white. 

anthony mena
25 of March 2019

Will this work for armor combat as extra padding

ArmStreet Team

Hi Anthony, yes this is an underarmor gambeson and it can be used for armor combat. 

25 of October 2018

Hello there. Would it be possible to get this gambeson a bit thicker to better fit Steel sword sparring? I know it would cost a bit more but it would be worth it.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Devin! Yes, it is possible. Please simply leave this comment to your order and we will send you the invoice for the extra charge. 

24 of October 2018

I was wondering one question. Would this gambeson all by itself be suitable for Steel sparring in Hema drills? I was hoping this specific gambeson would have enough protective padding to be suitable for steel sword sparring.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Devin, this gambeson is not puncture proof, unfortunately. We can offer you our canvas gambeson instead. 

Deni Constantinou
29 of July 2018

Hello, can i get this Gambeson in white flax linen?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Deni, yes it is possible for a little extra. Please contact our support team for more details. 

16 of May 2018

Good day, Is it possible to make this garment but with the collar that is seen in the "Padded jack -hound of war collar" instead of the overlapping collar. Also, I assume that you can add lacing reinforcements to attach pauldrons to the shoulders just by adding to the comments? I would also be interested in making it slightly shorter, and with an opening slit at the wrists, and red flax linen outer layer? 

ArmStreet Team

Hi Tyrone, all adjustments are possible. Please contact our support team for more details. 

14 of April 2018

Out of curiosity, how thick does this gambeson end up with three layers of batting?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ben, it is about 1.5 cm thick. 

15 of March 2018

How easy is it to move around in the gambeson? I have never worn one before, so I have no idea how stiff I should expect the sleeves (let alone the rest of the garment) to be.

ArmStreet Team

Hi Dennis, this gambeson is very comfortable for combat.

24 of February 2018

Is it possible to get this with side pockets?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jonas, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for more details and price. 

Jacob Vanorsdale
24 of June 2017

Is it possible to get the outter layer in wine red?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jacob, yes we can make it in wine red linen, but it costs a bit extra. Kindly contact our support team for assistance. 

02 of June 2017

I'd like to know if you could change the straps on the gambeson to buttons. Is it possible?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Daniel, yes it is possible. Please contact our support team for more details. 

31 of January 2017

Is it possible to get slits or openings at the armpit and inner elbow on this?

ArmStreet team

Making the slit is possible, it will cost $35.00 extra. If that works for you, just mention it in the comments to your order and we`ll send you a PayPal invoice for the extra then (PayPal account is not necessary needed, you can pay with your credit card).

14 of January 2017

Would it be possible to get this made with only a thin layer (0.5 cm) of padding except for the shoulders and collar which has the standard full layer of batting? I'm wearing it under plate and mail voiders, and would be looking for attachment points for the armour, and a linen outer (ideally with an amber or saffron type of orangey yellow colour something like #F4C430 or #FFBF00 if you want to look it up on colour tools) How much would that cost?

ArmStreet team

This gambeson has one layer of batting and when it is ready it is about 0.5 cm thick, it is not possible to make it thinner. Originally, the outer layer of the gambeson is made of cotton, can be made of linen flax for $35.00 extra. We have only one shade of yellow linen available, but we have also orange one.

22 of December 2016

I see that brown is not listed as an option but would it be possible to get this in brown?

ArmStreet team

This gambeson is made of cotton (and it has flax lining), we don`t have it in brown. It can be made of Brown flax linen for $35.00 extra. If that works for you, just mention it in the comments to your order and we`ll invoice you for the extra.

Niko Viggianiello
05 of December 2016

If I buy at least on 07/12/2016, Can I receive it before (absolutely) 22/12/2016 in Rome? I'm XXL (European) Thank you so much and best regards, Niko

ArmStreet team

This gambeson is not available in stock, it can be ordered in custom size only. Manufacturing takes 27-31 days, and even if we rush it, it cannot be made and delivered by December 22, sorry.

27 of November 2016

Can you make one for a woman, layered for HEMA?

ArmStreet team

This gambeson can be made with three layers of batting maximum for $35 extra.
If this works for you, please order via the site and mention this custom upgrade in a comment to your order, and we'll send a PayPal invoice for the extra charge to your email.

Mark B.
30 of October 2016

Can you add additional layers of batting? I would use this for HEMA and i would want a bit more protection. The overall design is excellent for it but i would need at least another layer of batting.

ArmStreet team

Yes, it can be made with three layers of batting for $35 extra.

10 of October 2016

Could this gambeson be made with half sleeves?

ArmStreet team

Yes, please let us know how long you`d like the sleeves to be at contact@armstreet.com.

Coulston Mayes
24 of June 2016

I'm looking for a gambeson ideal for SCA combat, what's your recommendation?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Coulston, this gambeson will work. 

10 of March 2016

Can or will you make this garment with a red exterior and a black interior? If so i wold purchase this!

ArmStreet Team

Hi Ted, yes we do, you may select this color combination at the checkout. 

Jarrett Metcalf
12 of August 2015

I was wondering, can this gambeson if made custome, be made out of a red fabric with black lining? my sur coat is a lot of gold(yellow) and black with red Highlights. the red with wither black or yellow on the inside would be a nice touch. Also how much is the shipping cost to Tulsa Oklahoma USA>? Thanks for your help

ArmStreet team

Outer layer can be made of red wine flax linen for $35.00 extra. Simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge directly to your PayPal email.

Shipping rates are equal for all states/countries, $76.00 for the shipping of custom-made gambeson.

Jordan Neville
05 of July 2015

Hello Armstreet, this is my first time buying any sort of armour or padding and I am interested in a gambeson in which I can learn to fence with a longsword. I was interested to know if your craftsmen could or would add another layer/s of padding to your "Gambeson Medieval Underarmour Combat Padding" gambeson. If this is possible, would this add anything onto the price. Thanks Jordan

ArmStreet Team

Hi Jordan, yes it is possible to add another layer of batting for $40 extra. 

Hugh Reynolds
04 of July 2015

Would it be possible to get this gambeson in a shorter length? Like just lower than hip length, similar to the European Woolen Gambeson?

ArmStreet team

Yes, please specify the exact length of the gambeson in a comment to your order.

26 of June 2015

Is this gambeson suitable for longsword fencing with a Federschwert or a blunt longsword? Is the padding as thick as the HEMA jackets made specifically for sparring?

ArmStreet team

This gambeson has one layer of batting; for combat use, we recommend 2-3 layers. Take a look at Long cotton gambeson, its body has 3 layers of batting, and the sleeves have 2 layers of batting each.

Our padding meets the standards of SCA and "Battle of the Nations" championship. As far as we know, neither HEMA Alliance nor WMAC have no detailed requirements for the arming clothes. If such rules have already been developed, we’d be very grateful if you could share them. Also please specify what armor do you use.

25 of June 2015

Hi, how thick in metric is the Gambeson Medieval Underarmour Combat Padding, how many layers of batting do you use ? Thanks.

ArmStreet team

It has one the layer of batting, its thickness is about 1.5 cm or ⅗ of an inch.

11 of June 2015

Hello, I just had a question in regards to your, "Gambeson Medieval Underarmour Combat Padding." I was curious, would it be possible to order the entire gambeson in the Red Wine Flax color? Thank you, -Kyle

ArmStreet team

Yes, the entire gambeson can be made of red wine flax linen for $35.00 extra.
Simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge directly to your PayPal email.

Cast;lerock museum
01 of February 2015

On the Gameson Medieval Underarmour the leggings only show at the bottom of the picture. Can you tell us how they look? Breeches or separate leggings and how attached to the body.

ArmStreet team

Model from photos wears usual black cotton pants.

Kyle T.
23 of January 2015

Hello, I was wondering how many layers of batting are on the torso and arms. Also, I am wanting to purchase this for WMA with steel feders and I am wondering if the cotton outside would put with that abuse.

ArmStreet team

One layer of thick batting both on the torso and sleeves. Thicker gambesons are the Asian Type Long GambesonMongol GambesonEuropean Woolen Gambeson.

Should work good for WMA, but please note that it is designed for wearing with the armor, rather than as a separate item.

23 of December 2014

Hi there, I am interesting in purchasing a gambeson. The two I am looking at are: European Underarmor Gambeson Padding SCA Jack Paladin or Gambeson Medieval Underarmour Combat Padding. They both seem very similar, would you mind explaining the differences between the two? Thanks!

ArmStreet team

There are some differences between them:

  • Fasteners (buttons - leather straps with buckles)
  • Collar (open collar - closed collar with laces)
  • Outer layer fabric (linen - cotton)
  • Color (one color - two colors, since the outer layer and lining are made of different fabrics)
  • Sleeves (buttoned slit on the forearm - slit w/o buttons)
  • Different quilting patterns
Daniel Walters
08 of November 2014

A question regarding your Gambeson Medieval Underarmour Combat Padding - I note the outer material used is cotton. I'm concerned about excess heat and sweat retention, and was wondering if it is possible to have it made using linen instead?

ArmStreet team

Flax outer layer costs $35.00 extra. Simply add a comment to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge directly to your PayPal email.

James Bacon
16 of August 2014

Could this be produced using wine red flax for the outer layer as cotton was not available during my re-enactment period?

ArmStreet team

Yes, flax outer layer will cost $35.00 extra. If this works for you - please simply leave us a note in the comments to your order, and we'll send an invoice for the extra charge directly to your PayPal email.

31 of July 2014

Since I'm sure you have much more experience with these matters, I'll ask you. I need a gambeson for early October, but this is the catch. Most likely, I will be losing between 20-40 pounds in that time. How adjustable are your custom sized gambeson's, and can we make an estimate from my current measurements?

ArmStreet team

Gambeson is not adjustable, so we need your actual measurements.
We recommend placing your order after the weight loss/gain, otherwise we cannot guarantee a good fit.

Elliot Yung
09 of February 2014

could this possibly be done in yellow?

ArmStreet team

Lining is made of flax linen, it can be made in yellow for free.
External layer comes in cotton, but we can make it of yellow flax for $35.00 extra.

Bailey Young
23 of December 2013

Would there be anyway to get this with the external layer being red like displayed in some other pictures on this site and if not is the dark blue in the external layers colours option the same as the black displayed in the pictures?

ArmStreet team

External layer can be made of red linen for $35.00 extra, and lining - for free.
Blue cotton is dark, but lighter than black cotton shown in pictures.

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