Sitten Bascinet Helmet

German klappvisor bascinet, 14th c.

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15 of November 2018

Can this be made in 16 gauge stainless steel? What is likely cost?

ArmStreet Team
16 of November 2018

Hi Jeff! Yes, please simply select custom size option and select 16 ga stainless steel at the checkout. 

04 of August 2018

Could this helmet be provided with the bar grill in addition to the klappvisor and riveted chain mail aventail? If so what would the additional cost be. Thanks.

04 of August 2018

Yes, Darryl, both bar grill in addition to the klappvisor and riveted chain mail aventail are possible. Please contact website support to calculate the cost. 

Robert Garnett
18 of October 2016

Hi, I'm interested in the Medieval Helmet Klappvisor Bascinet of German origin, XIV do you have any images of the Additional interchangeable SCA bargrill visor? Cheers Duncan

ArmStreet team

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures of a bargrill visor made specially for this helmet, but its bargrill looks like the one pictured here. It's all the same but with a center-mounted hinge instead of the side hinges.

Amuro Ray
15 of September 2016

Nice helmet but is way to tight I recommend to everyone getting an inch bigger than your head size. Not very rounded super tight on the sides but the back and front was loose.

ArmStreet team

We are very sorry and disappointed to hear about that, that`s a pity that you didn`t let us know about the problem once you`ve received the helmet. Thank you for letting us know anyway, we`ll consider your review in future production.

17 of September 2014

Can you make this from 12 gauge mild steel with mild steel chanmail drape? If so how much would it cost?

ArmStreet team

Nope, we don't use steel thicker than 14 ga (2 mm).

Spencer Goddard
04 of May 2014

If I were to get the Medieval bascinet klappvisor helmet, without the attached chainmail aventail, just the helmet and liner and chinstrap, would it cut down on the price any?

ArmStreet team

You'll save about $50 on the aventail, just contact us at to get the discount.

19 of May 2013

can i get it with an rivited or welded stainless steel avantail?

ArmStreet team

To date there is no such option, sorry.

Michael Gunter
29 of January 2013

I see this now come in stainless steel, which is what I want, but have you checked to see if this is SCA legal? Some of the gaps around the face might be a problem. Maybe adding some bars around the chin might help. If it is, I'd be interested in this with an interchangeable bargrill in stainless. Do you have the etched "paladin" klapvisor available in stainless? If so, what is the price for that? Thank you, you do beautiful work.

ArmStreet team

We make it SCA-legal by adding internal steel plates (under the aventail).
Etched Paladin klappvisor is available on the site.

30 of August 2011

Could you take out the chin strap and liner, and take off the aventail? What would this do to the price?

ArmStreet team

Doable, you'll save about $50 on the aventail.

04 of March 2011

does it come in stainless steel?

ArmStreet team
08 of March 2011

Yes, basically comes in 2 mm (14 ga) stainless steel with stainless aventail.

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