Turban Type Eastern Helmet

Combat helmet armor, Persian origin

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07 of December 2016

can you make this with a more rounded top as can't have point with sca and other reenactment groups in QLD

ArmStreet team

Yes, the helmet can be made with the rounded top, just mention it in the comments to your order.

06 of December 2016

Can you make this with a more rounded top, no point? Doesn't pass for SCA

ArmStreet team

Yes, the helmet can be made with the rounded top, just mention it in the comments to your order.

Frank Perrin
14 of September 2016

This may be the next piece I pick up. It's simplistic and well designed. But would I be able to order it without any mail but leave a way to attach a lamellar aventai? Also can I add a face plate like the Prince of the east helm Thanks!

ArmStreet team

Yes, SCA hidden protection is available for $50.00 extra. You can save up to $50.00 on the aventail, just add a comment to your order.

Sébastien Besner
20 of May 2015

hellos! I would like to order for the helmet sca but I can not find the option to add protection sca

ArmStreet team

Simply add a comment with the required modifications to your order. We'll send an invoice for the extra charge to your PayPal email.

Arsas Shirazi
07 of July 2014

is this helmet really of Persian origin, or is it of Turkish origin ? I'm trying to put together a Persian armor set piece.

ArmStreet team

Persian origin  (but there was no pure 'Persian' or 'Turkish' style in those regions; Iran and Turkey were the parts of the Persian Empire, so the mutual influence can be traced, as well as Chinese influence can be traced in Japanese and Mongolian armor).

08 of September 2013
Hi,do you have any experience with your helmets being used at full contact hmb/battle of the nations?rnBest regards Christian
ArmStreet team

Sure, many of our customers take part in this event. Most of our armor meets all Battle of the Nations standards (you can check their rules here), except fantasy armor. Also our armor has repeatedly been approved and recommended by the SCA marshals for training and fighting.

30 of August 2010

is it just me or is the maille on this helm butted? Also, if it is, is there an option to get riveted maille on it?

ArmStreet team

This is butted aventail. To date there is no such option, sorry.

Tirharka Dimissie
10 of August 2010
This is a great recreation guys, its definitely the first SCA helm I'm buying. My persona is a 1190 Ethiopian (modeled on St. George from the Coptic frescoes) with a Mamluk helm/Islamic themed helm. I was going custom, but now why bother!
ArmStreet team

Thank you!

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