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Medieval boots “Forest" for women

Medieval Fantasy Boots Female

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28 of February 2024

The quality of the boots is lovely, but I do think the product photos need to showcase the variance of the leather a lot more. The boots I got were more grey than blue, which is the whole reason I purchased these in the first place so it was disappointing to not get these in the colour I wanted them. The laces I got were a dark brown and also not blue.

ArmStreet Team

Hello, we have already sent the blue color laciing and we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. 

Heather Crumly
21 of October 2023

I may need to message the seller, but I seem to be getting pressure sores from one of the seams. That’s my only “complaint”, I love them to pieces, though! Quality is amazing, fast turnaround, beautifully made. Just need to be worn in and maybe change what socks I’m wearing with them?

Shenzi Hemlock
28 of September 2023

These boots are amazing quality, very sturdy and practical for walking around in all day. They are pretty snug on me so take that into consideration but it very well could be that I did the measurements wrong. Be sure to double check your measurements!

25 of August 2023

Love these boots! Beautiful and got quicker than expected. Best birthday present I have bought for myself in a long time.

15 of August 2023

This is my second pair of these boots, green this time, and they are gorgeous. I have not worn the green ones yet but my first pair, in black, are very comfortable and look amazing. Armstreet is an amazing company. I have ordered several items from them and they are all very well made and of beautiful materials. Customer service has been great when I've had to contact them. Shipping takes a while but most of that is getting to the US.

Rachel Galvez
14 of June 2023

These boots are gorgeous. I bought them in matte black. Based on their size chart, I ordered a size 4 instead of the 7 to match my US shoe size. Unfortunately, that turned out to be way too small and VERY narrow. Picture of my normal shoe and the bottom of the boot. Sadly, forgot a picture of the whole boot. My 9 yr old wears size 4 in US kids and they fit her well. Would have kept them if she wasn't changing shoe sizes every three months! Customer service was pretty good even though there was some initial confusion. Since I had ordered them for a specific event and wouldn't have time to get a replacement in time, they refunded the total once they received my return. My advice is get your size from the ball circumference on their chart.

01 of June 2023

These boots are fantastic. They're made of good quality leather, fit true to size, and look great. Once they are broken in they will make great Ren faire and everyday boots!

Lady Michelle
19 of April 2023
For my birthday I got a grand amount of goodies. These red leather boots are so HOT!!!!! I've kinda avoided wearing them since I tend to stick to a pair of shoes until they fall off. I wore these around and know they are so comfortable that when I get to wear them I'll probably never take them off and have to restyle my wardrobe. They are so soft and beautiful. I'm very impressed.
Jessica Murdock
30 of March 2023

These boots are amazing! I was worried that I might have gotten the wrong size, but they fit perfectly!

24 of January 2023

I absolutely love these boots! I bought them for our Renaissance Festival and they are perfect! So comfortable and not too warm even for tall leather boots! I got so many compliments on my amazing boots!!

22 of December 2022

They are Just perfect!

Laura Cox
09 of October 2022

These are gorgeous. They are beautifully made and very comfortable. I can tell that with proper care, these will last for a very, very long time. Super high quality.

19 of September 2022

These Forest Boots are amazing! Very well made, wonderful craftsmanship, and very, very comfortable. I wore them the first time for 14 hours working at festival in total comfort.

28 of August 2022

Love these boots. Very high quality and they look perfect. Well worth the money and the wait.

Cassandra Forbes
26 of July 2022

Beautiful, well made, and well fitted boots!! The color is just as shown in the pictures and they are quite comfortable to wear for someone with small, but wide feet like me!

22 of February 2022

Such gorgeous boots with exceptional quality and craftsmanship!! 

Allie Molner
15 of February 2022

The boots I received are absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I wanted for my costume. Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service, armstreet!

Nicole Diederich
14 of February 2022

The leather on these boots is so soft; it’s like wrapping my calves in fleece. The soles are sturdy - might add insoles to support by arches, but we’ll see after breaking them in a bit. These exceeded my expectations.

02 of February 2022

Beautiful color. Very similar to the historical color of leather dyed with madder and over dyed with brazilwood. The fit seems right. I will need to break them in, but I think they are lovely.

02 of December 2021

Bought them in my usual size 8 after measuring my feet and they fit great! I'm sure they'll be even more comfortable after I break them in too!

01 of November 2021

I can't fit these, but I do feel that that's probably my fault for getting them in a regular size instead of a custom fit. I am going to see if my friend can fit them (if so, that's her Xmas present); if not, I'll probably sell them locally. They are very beautiful and clearly well made, though.

Julia Limbacher
25 of October 2021

Love these boots!!! Quality is awesome and they look great!!!

06 of October 2021

Everything came out great ! Highly satisfied and they look so cute <3

06 of May 2021

Awesome boots that arrived very fast. They fit amazingly and will go with some many outfits down the line!

Kari Kron
06 of January 2021

These look great and fit well! I’m going to add an insole for my arches, but I think they are great

15 of July 2020

OMG, I love these boots! They're a beautiful shade of dark cherry red, and they make my legs look fantastic. Can't wait for the next SCA war so I can show them off. Thanks so much, Armstreet!

25 of June 2020

Thank you

20 of April 2020
These just arrived today, and are absolutely gorgeous. They are already very comfortable, and I cannot wait to break them in and wear them for cosplay and (to be completely honest) daily use.
Nikkita Lehto
06 of April 2020

These are fantastic! Just gotta break them in!

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03 of January 2023

Is it possible to make these to custom measure for a wider calf?

ArmStreet Team

Yes, of course, please simply select the CUSTOM size tab over the title of the boots. 

08 of October 2021

Hi ! I was wondering if I wear a US size 6 in ladies shoes/boots, if that is the size I should order in Armstreet boots? True to size? Thanks so much! (I did check measurements, but want to make sure) :)

ArmStreet Team

Hello, we have our own size chart that does not correspond to the standard one. We provide it in each listing for the footwear. 

12 of June 2021

Hello, I was wondering if you had any images I could reference for the difference in color and appearance between the brown leather and matte brown leather? Trying to figure out what color would match the rest of my outfit. Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

Hello Karina, sure, you can check the matted brown leather here and regular brown leather here

24 of September 2020

This set is beautiful but do you sell the pants the model is wearing, or any women's ones at all?

ArmStreet Team

Hello Grace, we do not sell these pants, unfortunately, and we do not offer any women's pants yet, sorry. 

17 of January 2020

Omg this set is gorgeous. Will it be possible to order the whole outfit in the future?

ArmStreet Team

Hi Mara, along with these boots you may order in our store as well: chemise, corset vest, belt with frog, dagger, bag, tunic, chaperone

M. B.
17 of January 2020

Does custom include longer length? Like over the knee? Thank you!

ArmStreet Team

We do not make them over the knees, unfortunately. 

17 of January 2020

these are brilliant! very nice to see these particular boots for us women,, are they waterproof?

ArmStreet Team

Thank you, Mags, the boots are not waterproof, unfortunately. 

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