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“Prince Gilderoy” Long Linen Tunic

XIII century tunic with trim

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Jonathan McCartney
08 of June 2019

I have more of an athletic build, with 17 inch biceps but a medium sized torso. I want to get a premade tunic in stock, and was wondering if medium or large would be smarter. I will be wearing an under tunic as well. And Id need it by the 17th. If I ordered today with express would it be here in time?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Jonathan, please send us your chest and waist circumference so we could help you to choose the right size. Express shipping takes 1 week so it should be delivered on time if the order is placed today.

24 of April 2019

Is it possible to have this made in wool?

ArmStreet Team

Dear Annika, this tunic can be made in linen or cotton only, sorry. 

28 of January 2019

Love this absolutely gorgeous it’s hard choice of color what’s the difference between this and the rince Gilderoy Long Cotton Tunic Trimmed ankle length XIII Century Source:

ArmStreet Team

Hi Leanne, the difference is in fabric. This tunic is made of linen and cotton one of cotton.