Fireside Family

LARP basic clothing and more. A simple and practical XI-XII century style clothing collection for events, encampments, and everyday activities for the whole medieval family

"Fireside Family" is a pretty simple LARP costume collection for men and women, but it is also about many other things. Our goal was to create something simple, but recognizable. For this collection we avoid flashy details and create an early middle ages mood using clean lines and moderate accents. We were told by our customers that sometimes people want more room for their creativity, so we also strove to create basic outfits you may spin in different ways creating your own characters, combinations, and general mood.

There are lots of tiny accents we'd like to take note of that may be unnoticed initially but create ArmStreet signature impression of high quality and attention to details. Let's mention multilayered fabric bordering, trim that imitates classic tablet weaving, and several new colours of natural flax linen specially supplied to create a bit more pale, dusty, medieval look.

In the XI-XII century, when the world was younger and more simple, when face to face combat was considered to be a good way to solve the differences through and when practical reasons were the most important reasons, people wore simple and practical clothing.

We were inspired by this mood and created these utility clothes and goods for your medieval life, leaving enough space for your character and your own creativity at the same time. Now you can be anyone and go anywhere. Or stay with your friends, relatives, brothers at arms and talk, drink and sing songs around the campfire, enjoying your "Fireside Family".

LARP basics, costume and more

Build your own character with "Fireside Family" clothing

"Fireside Family" is a long-expected "basic" medieval clothing collection, something we've designed to be a perfect balance of practicality and everyday life for the whole medieval family. Simple and recognizable silhouettes that leave you enough room for playing with characters, mixing colours and creating unique combinations from almost peasant medieval family look to informal casual or travel clothing for more rich and noble characters.

Feel comfortable and authentic at the same time

We tried to bring something new even to a very classic design of early middle ages period clothing. Avoiding flashy decorations, we focused on fabric and accents, offering several brand new linen colours that are less bright and look more suitable for the period. Our trims are simple but say a lot to knowledgeable people, imitating tablet woven trims. The bordering is very modest showing the highest possible craftsmanship quality if you take a closer look. We also made some practical raincoats, that look natural in the medieval or LARP event environment and combine pale colours waterproof nylon with leather drawstrings. The lack of pockets on medieval clothing hasn't been forgotten. We provide several types of bags that will hold anything from your golden coins to your iPhone, from enemies castle maps to your laptop.

From medievalists to medievalists

ArmStreet is full of medievalists of all sorts. We play LARP games, fight with foam, HEMA, rattan, live-steel, and buhurt weapon and go to events all over the world from SCA to LARP, from tournaments to Warhammer gatherings. We basically collected our most loved simple solutions for medieval outfits and gear that make our own life easier

  • Waterproof coats. We have never seen Bicolline without rain.
  • Short-sleeved tunics. We have never seen Pennsic War without someone suffering badly from the heat in the middle of the day.
  • Textile belts. That's one of the most practical things. Any event. Any costume. And it is also an emergency rope, just in case.
  • Small pouches. Have your cellphone on you, your employer will definitely call you when you're pretending you work from home on Friday at SCA Gulf Wars.
  • Bandanas. Hide from the sun or hide from Orcs at Drachenfest using it as a face-mask. Also helps hobbits travelling Mordor.

In other words, we've made some universal clothing for ourselves and just share them with you. We consider the collection to be a success when team members want the stuff for themselves. This collection is a big success by this measure.

fireside-family-3.jpg fireside-family-4.jpg fireside-family-5.jpg fireside-family-6.jpg fireside-family-7.jpg fireside-family-8.jpg

XI-XII century clothing style

Life was a little bit less fast almost a thousand years ago, so we can see a slow transition of style that comes from Byzantine and Roman clothing to the middle ages. We can see a clear connection with Roman social context when lower classes had shorter tunics and short or shorter sleeves and upper classes wore longer clothing with cloaks and overdresses. There also were many options in between, with travel and combat clothing which was normally shorter for practical reasons, and distinct variations of everyday and special occasion costumes. 
Fabrics choice was also very simple, with widely used woolen and linen clothing and extremely expensive silk, available for extra rich people only. The idea of the round neck with a small front slit, decorated with contrast fabric accents or trim is seen in many manuscripts. We always struggle whether the main female costume should be called a tunic or a dress, as it basically sits right in the middle, with a relatively loose fit typical for a tunic and a long and not too narrow skirt that may justify calling it a dress.

Things that distinguish ArmStreet from anything else

ArmStreet is known for its quality and attention to details, and we spend a lot of time and pay a lot of bills to provide this uncompromising quality and unique design. First of all, our items are unique and we never copy or take anything as a prototype just as it is, and our designers go through countless pictures, references, and research to understand the spirit of the certain epoch and a visual approach that works for the case. For this collection, we created simple but unique trim that is inspired by tablet weaving trims and textile and works perfectly with textile belts. We widely use french seams and rely on our seamstresses' amazing skills for precise multi-layered fabric bordering. We are always in search of organic fabric, and for the "Fireside Family" collection we've built a whole new supply chain to get special colours that work best for the design.

Matching accessories and footwear

Accessories are super important when you are trying to build an organically-looking outfit for your character. The concept of the "Fireside Family" collection is to build a foundation for your future creativity, so we kept our design ambitions under strict control and created only basic things that are an absolute necessity, in particular belts, bags and pouches, and some footwear for kids which is extremely hard to find. Our belts and pouches are decorated with embossing that creates the impression of a complete ensemble but won't narrow your options in terms of your character and your own vision of the look you create!