News - 2016 year in review

January 10, 2017

Following the trend we'd like to post the end-of-the-year list of accomplishments. We are proud to state we've achieved a lot during the 2016 :)

New items. Tons of new items! Clothes, accessories, armor, decorative weapons, shoes, more clothes and more armor... But wait, let us remind you about all the 104 new articles in a nutshell.

We've acquired a couple of new technologies so those three complete sets of armour outstand significantly from everything we've done before:

Armor “Knight of Fortune” Armour “King of the East” Halberdiers Armor “Hound Of War”

Laser cut stainless steel of the helmet visor broadens the range of vision; laser cut brass accents boost your charisma and diplomacy skills; anatomically molded of naturally tanned leather greaves upgrade your endurance and stamina. Moreover, each and every part of those sets significantly increase the moral of you and your companions in arms in a way only the astonishing and well thought-out armour does! Matching accessories and decorative weapons accompany each set, needless to say.

Oh, sorry, we are lapsing from a nutshell format. Delicacy, splendour, naturality respectively:

“Fairy Tale” set “Found Princess” set “Labyrinth” set

Fairy Tale character will definitely be pleased by natural colours and delicate handmade embroidery of the dress and cape. The Princess, lost in 2015, is successfully found in 2016 and got amazing updates to wear, including chemise, dress, shoes, cape and accessories. Filled with ethnic and old-world vibes, the “Labyrinth” collection offers overwhelming variety of accessories and an extraordinary surprise to be unveiled in the near future.

It's almost impossible to pump the brakes when you've created such a vast collection already and it appeared to be this popular. So we keep on updating our viking series:

Viking Jacket “Olaf the Stormbreaker” Woolen Viking Coat | Yule edition

It was a year of plenty for the decorative weapon category. Beautifully ornate daggers, sabers, axes, halberds, spears are hollow inside, but filled with our love to details and covered neatly with various etched patterns. And matching scabbards and sheaths, of course.

Decorative Saber “King of the East” Decorative Halberd Head “Knight of Fortune”

Another category at our site significantly replenished during the year – jewelry. Acquiring the laser cut technology opened the door for small though important brass and melchior additions to both new and well-known dresses. Bracelets, crowns, necklaces, rings and earrings with ornaments matching the trims and embroideries at your favorite garments!

Brass Bracelet Rus Style “Labyrinth” collection Choker Necklace “Fairy Tale”

What is the next step for the manufacturer who is extremely proud of the work done? Let everybody know! We did our best to spread the word (and the touch!) as wide as possible – we've visited several festivals in Australia with the help of amazing Madeleine! And had a splendid time with some of you at Gulf Wars and Pennsic, as usually.

ABBEY MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL by Madeleine ArmStreet at Pennsic

Thanks for staying with us in 2016 – you are the main impulse for us to create new amazing stuff. Let's go on together in 2017!

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